V-38 Air Chair


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Product Description

   Featuring the worlds first production 38 inch long T-bar with the elegantly newly designed blade system and state of the art design Flex Seat.

You get a dependable, smooth, high performance ride with no additional tuning needed, each and every unit is personally tested to assure you are receiving the best there is. There are less moving parts for a solid more trustworthy, low maintenance unit. Each foil is precisely made to the highest and strictest specifications. There is no welding of parts together so this ensures you that you will continue to have a solid trustworthy foil for a lifetime. If you’re an experienced rider you will appreciate the solid ride from the Air Chair V-38 & the ultimate performance it delivers. Or if you’re new to the sport Air Chair V-38 is beginner friendly too. So even new riders will appreciate the fineness of the V-38. Check out the sleek quality of the foil assembly, the smooth contour of the blade system and you’ll know you too deserve a V-38.

Air Chairs V-38 is the ultimate best hydrofoil and we took it even further by topping it with the worlds best Flex System Seat. Air Chairs Flex Seat makes any landing softer than ever before possible, no matter what riders were using. It’s ultra lightweight, so it won’t add weight to your ride, or inhibit your performance. It includes the fully padded aerial belt with Velcro closure, and a buckle for the added assurance it will truly keep you seated. Having the buckle insures you wont have to keep re-tightening the belt as this is a no-slip system. The bindings include foot pads for added comfort as well as the security to keep your feet planted well too. It also has ankle leashes to use in conjunction with the heel straps, another bonus when doing tricks. We’ve also added stainless steel machined D-nuts, and the easy to use push ball lock pin for the seat tower. You also get the upgraded extra thick set pad to nicely top off the entire unit for the BEST RIDE OF YOUR LIFE. Air Chairs Flex Seat even enhances the ride, it’s a smooth flight transaction so that all your riding technique goes into the trick itself and you’re not forced to pre-load a shock. There is no more stomping the board either, as the foil assembly with an Air Chair V-38 is smoother and goes higher than any other foil. We dare you to compare the difference and the choice will be easy. Air Chairs Flex Seat with it’s professional finish & sleek design provides the softest landings which result in more control to the rider. But remember on a V-38 the Flex Seat is already included in the cost. Note, graphics may change, so please call 928-505-2226 for availability.

Additional Information

Weight 50 lbs
Dimensions 55 x 25 x 10 in


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