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Carbon Fiber Boards


Non-transferable Carbon Fiber Ski Blank Warranty

Use only the binding holes, and screws provided by Air Chair.  Any additional hole or larger diameter screws will void the warranty.

  Handle dings and rope chafing on the parting line are not covered under warranty.

  Any contact of the T- Bar to the strut slot resulting in damage is not covered under the warranty.  (Wide T-Bars in sandwich style seats may need to  be filed or sanded down and not make contact with the ski blank in the event of movement.)  Any modifications of the strut hole will void the warranty.

  Use only D-Nuts and seat hardware provided by Air Chair.  Any other hardware will void the warranty. No rubber washer mods.

  The only ski breakage that is covered under the warranty is breakage as a result of riding.  Any and all modifications will void the warranty completely.  The warranty is for two years from the date of purchase for the ORIGINAL PURCHASER.

  The lock washers go between the seat bolt head and flat washer.

  Be sure to check the seat to ski mounting bolts for tightness before every ride.

  In the event of a warranty claim, shipping both ways is the customer responsibility.

  Air Chair will repair or replace a warranty claim at our discretion.  Colors and graphics may change.

  Sun fading, and yellowing are natural, and not covered under warranty, so store your ski out of direct sun light.

               BE SAFE, HAVE FUN AND GO BIG


Product Description

      After over 4 years of R & D and prototyping now available a truly different light weight ski. Weighting in the 6 lb range, sporting mass centralization of the weight. What that means is nearly two thirds of the total weight is in the rear one third of the ski, leaving a feather light one third of the weight on the front on two thirds of the board.  It has a contoured bottom to keep water out of the riders face.  The ski sports an aggressive rocker for less board to water contact on take-off. Free 2-year rider warranty against catistrophic failure to original owner.

As an unbelievable fringe benefit, the new ski is proving to be nearly indestructible, the use of new lay up methods and the latest of space age materials seem to be making our new ski blank bullet proof. It comes with a 2-year full replacement warranty against catastrophic failure that renders the board un-rideable and the damage just occurs during normal use.

As a recreational novice rider what does that mean to me? Novice riders instantly notice a huge improvement in their control slaloming, responsiveness of the ski, higher jumping, and easier smoother landings. Without all the excessive cantilevered weight normally in front of the seat on all other ski blanks manufactured without mass centralization.

As a high-end rider, what does this new ski mean to me? Pro and high-end riders immediately fall in love with the new ride. All instantly discover that the most difficult maneuvers quickly become routine, and all agree aerial rotation becomes smoother, and easier to control. Extra altitude because of quicker foil response due to much less cantilevered front tip weight is also enjoyed. Most believe rotation reversal in mid air is just around the corner.

All novice, high end, and pro riders agree that no one can appreciate, or believe the huge improvement to the sport until you have experienced your first flight.

1. Included with your ski blank purchase are correct binding screws that MUST be used. Ski Blanks can be ordered with binding location 1 ½ ” forward from stock location. (Not further back.) Complete binding sets are available, but not required.

2. Correct-Billet Machined stainless steel D-Nuts, stainless steel button head screws and stainless steel flat washers and lock washers also come standard.

                                     Air Chair’s challenge to the Hydrofoiling World….

                                 Ride one of these new carbon lightweight skis, then live without one.

“The new Light Weight Carbon Fibre Board. Awesome! Cannot get over how light it feels in the air. All my inverts and rolls were higher with less boat speed.” ~ Brendan Gear

The new carbon board is sweet, as many of you know” ~ Brian Vesely

“My 2011 ski lasted 13 months with no signs of giving in. I put it through international damage (ski show on the ocean in China) as well as various events and wrecks. If you’re considering the investment in a new ski, don’t pass up the opportunity to own an AirChair lightweight board.” ~ Jake Bradley.

“Due to the weight distribution of the Air Chair lightweight carbon ski, there was a drastic increase in my riding.” – Landon Hill

“The Air Chair carbon board is the best lightweight board out there, I trust it to make it through crashes (i.e. coming up short on an air front flip) and 50-frame big air tricks. I absolutely love the fact the bottom of the board is not flat. In the water, this board rides, lands and recovers nicely on the surface. In the air, it has a nice distribution of weight through the board. Take the board to the water and see for yourself. ” – MJ Buckley

Additional Information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 55 x 13 x 10 in

Red Carbon, Blue Carbon, Green Carbon, Red/Blue Distressed Wood, Yellow/Green Distressed Wood

Binding Position

Standard Position, Forward Position


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